Investment philosophy and criteria


Token Communities Plc. (TC) chooses investments via a three person investment committee. Unanimity of approval is preferred, but two of three is sufficient.

The Process of Selecting Investments for TC

  1. Prospecting potential investments with pre-sale discounts available.
  2. Interviewing the ICO/TGE management.
  3. Qualifying based on enhanced due diligence and regulatory compliance.
  4. Qualifying based on market size and access.
  5. Presentation to the Investment Committee.
  6. Final selection and negotiation with ICO/TGE management.

TC principals have long standing business relationships with some of the top investors in the Blockchain ecosystem while our prominent position in the industry also provides us with early access to the highest quality investment opportunities. This is because we excel at marketing cryptocurrencies with true value, which can be identified by our CEO, Alex Lightman, and our team of renowned blockchain advisors.

These early opportunities are essential for ICO’s to raise funding and for investors to make the best returns because unlike in most communities, the prices for tokens can vary by up to 2,000% between what the earliest investors pay and the final price available to the public.

Many of the investments available to TC are identified through international trade conferences, where we are often invited by the organisers. Our reputation as a company lends credibility to such events and Alex Lightman is frequently invited to deliver keynote speeches.

This marketing and the network built by TC are crucial to our success, as investment in pre-sales is often by invitation only. Beyond regulatory compliance, the Investment Committee also considers a long list of relevant criteria, relating to the economic value created by that tokenisation, scalability of the project and of course, the potential returns for investors. However, it is our international access to a large number of offerings that allow TC to select only the highest quality, and lowest risk, investments from across the cryptocurrency industry.


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